First Drops
A Children's Educational Interfaith
Be the first drop and help create the waterfall of compassion which becomes the great and
mighty river that flows into the ocean of oneness.  Be that first drop. - Laura Ava-Tesimale
First Drop kids after their performance at the
Irvine Global Village Festival on Sept 29 at the
World Religions Stage with Mayor Sukhee Kang.
Our Partners
A Children’s Educational Interfaith Organization

To educate children about the world’s religions in a fun and interactive way that develops an understanding of the
religions and fosters respect for others.   To set an example for the world by convening children from all backgrounds and
walks of life to build a community where all are equal by joining hands and taking care of our communities.

How We Succeed in Our Mission:  
Site Visits:  
We have scheduled site-visits throughout the year with our community partners.  The host church, temple,
synagogue or mosque provides a tour of the facility, a brief lecture of the practices, participation in activities/festivities
geared towards the children followed by a Q & A session.  

Community Service:  
We partner with various other organizations for community service.  Every second Sunday of the
month, we head out to Santa Ana and feed 150-200 people.  

Comfort Notes:  
We’ve sent notes of comfort to the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and Temple Beth Israel in Long Beach in
their time of need.

Children that are educated and confident not only about themselves but about those around them.  Experiences
for the whole family to enjoy.

Join Us:  
There are no memberships or fees, just email us so we can subscribe you to our Newsletter and join our
Facebook Group for event information.  Then simply respond when you are interested in participating!  
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