First Drops
Past Events - 2013

Homeless Feedings:
our kids are continuing strong with not only the
feedings, but coming up with ideas to take care of needs such as, passing
out raincoats during the rainy season, handing out flowers (donated by
Trader Joe's) during Mother's Day and much more!  So proud!!

Christ Our Redeemer Church's Martin Luther King Jr Celebration
Jan 2013.  First Drops was among a group of panelists showcasing how
youth groups are making strides in improving their local communities.

World Interfaith Harmony Film Festival
Feb, 2013.  Our group won the prize for the youth short film "Interfaith
Carol".  Written, produced, directed, filmed completely by our youth on
their iPods.

Passover Seder
March, 2013. The children enjoyed reading about the Exodus and eating a
wonderful Passover meal served by our Jewish friends.

Nowruz Festival
March, 2013.  We were invited by the Irvine Iranian Parents Association to
partake in the Persian New Year festival.

Easter Mass at the Episcopalian Church in Tustin
We were invited for Easter Mass and afterwards an Easter Egg hunt.

Big Sunday Weekend
May 4, 2013.  We made 70 flower pots with colorful paper flowers and
filled with toiletries for homebound seniors with the Meals on Wheels

4th Annual Mother's Day Interfaith Celebration
May 5, 2013.  What a beautiful evening celebrating the Golden Rule!

First Drops-Spirit In Action Award at the Garden Grove, Stanton,
Westminster Interfaith Council
May 18, 2013.  We were honored for the Spirit in Action Award and
several Award of Achievements by Congress, the Assembly, City  of
Stanton, etc.

Anatolian Festival
May 19, 2013.  Wow! Turkey right here in the OC.  There were hundreds
of dance performances, shopping booths and food varieties.  Plus life size
replicas of famous sites.   

Ramadan Celebration
Aug 7, 2013.  A great celebration marking the end of Ramadan with
merchants, food and crafts for the kids.

OC MLK Jr. 50th Anniversary Rally & March
Sept 1, 2013.  Sasscer Park, Santa Ana.  First Drops performed "We Are

World Peace Pilgrimage to Mt. Baldy
Sept 1, 2013.  What a moving experience involving a great hike and

First Annual Building Our Community with Interfaith Harmony
Sept. 11, 2013.  What an amazing evening of prayers and songs held at
the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in Irvine.

Irvine Global Village Festival
Sept. 28, 2013.  The kids performed "Global Connection" for a packed
World Religions tent.  Lots of fun!

25th Annual CROP Interfaith Hunger Walk
Oct 27, 2013.  Newport Beach Back Bay

South Coast Interfaith Council's Thanksgiving Celebration &
Nov. 17, 2013.  First Drops received an award for their service to the

Newport-Mesa-Irvine Interfaith Council's Thanksgiving Celebration
Nov 24, 2013.  First Drops performed a spoken word for their

Site Visit:  Episcopal Church of the Messiah
Dec 24, 2013.  What a beautiful celebration of Christmas at midnight mass!
Schedule of Events - 2015

1.  Homeless Feedings in Santa Ana (Ross St/Civic Center Dr) - Every Fourth Sunday of the Month

Site Visits:   
                Shinnyoen Buddhist Temple, Yorba Linda -
                University Synagogue, Irvine -
                Baha'i Temple, San Clemente -
                Jain Temple, Buena Park -
                Garden Grove Mosque (Ramadan)
                Christ Our Redeemer AME Church
                Santa Ana Gurdwara (Diwali)
                Native American Spirituality
                Hawaiian/Polynesian Spirituality
                Zoroastrian Temple
                Episcopal Church of the Messiah - Dec 24, 2015 (Christmas Mass)

Walk Together Program:  A unique program for families to learn about each other by walking together through the Abrahamic Faiths (Christianity, Judaism, Islam).  This
program is offered by the Huntington Beach Interfaith Council, twice a year.  Please email for more details and/or to join the next group.

Smile Project:  This project can be done by individual families or groups at any time of the year.  We will forward you a flyer that offers "Smiles".  You hang them up at
your place of worship, grocery stores, etc.  Please email for more details.

Check Out a Religion:  kids run this program with the help of clergy members who act as books ready to be checked out for 10 min at a time.  Individuals can ask
questions or just learn some basic facts.  We can run this program at local farmers markets, libraries, etc.  

Second Annual Building Our Community through Interfaith Harmony September 21st, International Day of Peace.  Come enjoy music and sacred texts from a
multitude of religions.

Irvine Global Village Festival September 26th:  a one day event showcasing a multitude of cultural and religious exhibits, performances, merchants, and food.  Held at
Bill Barber Park in Irvine.  First Drops will have a booth and a performance at the World Religions Tent.

Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council's CROP Hunger Walk held at Newport Bay.  Oct 18, 2015 at 1 pm,

Newport Mesa Irvine Interfaith Council's Thanksgiving Celebration.  Nov 22, 2015 at 7 pm. (location to be announced)

Hope to have you and your child join us on this journey!
Past Events - 2012

Homeless Feedings:  
we made strides in developing and continuing a
regular schedule for the kids to come out and feed the homeless!!

Special Projects:  Thank you to our friends at Sri Sathya Sai Hindu
Organization for including our kids during their Saturday morning bagged
lunch preparations at Isaiah House!  These kids are up at 6 AM ready to
serve every Saturday morning!

Candle Light Vigil for those affected by the shooting at the Oak
Creek Sikh Center
1.  Sikh Center of Buena Park
2.  UCI at the Flagpoles
What an amazing night of togetherness!  No one should be left alone to
face hatred.

Peace Sunday/Peace Fest
We made note cards for the Jewish Temple in Long Beach that was

Note Cards for the Community
We collected note cards to send out to the Sikh Community in Oak Creek,
the Muslim Community in Joplin and Ontario.  The cards were sent out in
late August.  We've already received a reply from the Ontario mosque.  It's
really nice to know that a simple note card can go a long way for someone!  
Thank you to everyone who participated.

Irvine Global Village Festival
Sept 29, 2012. Our kids performed on the World Religions stage with their
version of "We Are Drops".  The performance was fantastic and the mayor
of Irvine came just to watch them!  If you missed us this year, we'll be back
next year.

CROP Hunger Walk
Oct 28, 2012, raising funds to end hunger locally and internationally!

Nov 18, 2012 - The Kids performed at the Newport-Mesa-Irvine Interfaith
Council's annual celebration at the Church of Christ, Science at Newport

OC Rescue Mission
Nov - The kids collected candy and submitted their collection to the Rescue
Dec-The kids collected and submitted toys